25 May 2020

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Besucherbergwerk F60

A giant of technique is situated at Lichterfeld: 502 meters length, 204 meters wide, 80 meters heigth and weighs 11.000 tons. It shows the history of the former "Abraumförderbrücke F60" and the present of the brown coal mining at the Lausitz.
F60 is the serial number of five transport bridges of the Lausitz brown coal mining. They were built by the former VEB TAKRAF Lauchhammer and are the most biggest movable technical working machines of the whole world. As slag transportation bridge they transport the slage, which is settled on the coal field. The original and maximum dismantling amount is 60 meters, that is why it is called F60. It is also called the "reclining Eiffel Tower" because of its lenght of 502 meters. In total it measuresa heigth of 80 meters and a wide of 240 meters. The slag transportation bridge (excluding excavator) weighs 13.500 tons in its operable form.

Today there are still four F60 on-stream at the Lausitz brown coal region: at the brown coal mining Welzow-Süd, Nochten, Jänschwalde and Reichwalde. The fifth transportation bridge is open just for visitors and is situated at the visitor mine "Abraumförderbrücke F60" near Lichterfeld-Schacksdorf.
Photo Credit: D.Seidel
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