Radisson Blu Hotel Cottbus
23 March 2019

On-site bar serves renowned German brews. In the evening guests can stop by our full-service bar and order popular domestic and imported liquors. The bar permits smoking after 09:00 p.m. and offers a selection of premium cigars. Sample Germany’s famous beers as you watch the latest sports match.

At our full-service hotel bar, visitors can sample Germany’s renowned beers and schnapps. Our international menu features tequilas, rums, Irish whiskeys and grape-based Italian brandies (grappa). With multiple televisions in the bar, guests don’t need to jostle for a view of the latest football match. After 09:00 p.m., the bar becomes a smoking lounge complete with a selection of fine cigars.

Opening Hours
06:00 p.m. - Late (Daily)

Seating Capacity
70 seats and 12 seats on the gallery
standing room for up to 50 persons
Our daily best rates
 Single Double
23.03. Sat.  €91    €106
24.03. Sun.  €71    €86
25.03. Mon.  €81    €96
26.03. Tue.  €81    €96
Time:  14:49
Sat, 23.03.  19°C 
Sun, 24.03.  12°C 
Mon, 25.03.  7°C 
Events in Cottbus
No Events
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