25 May 2020

Distance from hotel: 3.4 km

Park & Castle "Branitz"

The Park "Branitz" near Cottbus is the living work and masterpiece of the eccentric landscape gardener Hermann Fürst von Pückler-Muskau (1785–1871).You will never guess that  this ideal picture of nature was built on a flat and barren piece of land. Those fine ground modellings, elegant lakes and watercourses and creative wood compositions which were built out of nowhere, represent Branitz as garden monument of international standing.

Characterized  by his years of life between the French Revolution and the foundation of the German Empire as well as inspired by the numerous journeys to for example Great Britain and to the Orient, Prince Pückler created the Park "Branitz" as a mirror self of his personality. The construction of the park started in 1846  after Pückler had to sell his park property "Muskau", which is a UNESCO world heritage since 2004. The garden masterpiece "Branitz", which measures 600 ha, was compiled using the zorning principle. It means the increasing aggregation of the creative intensity of the outward park areas, from the inner park and the pleasure ground to the center of the facility, the castle.
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