25 May 2020

Distance from hotel: 1.4 km

Planetarium Cottbus

The space flight planetarium „Juri Gagarin“ was one of the first bigger planetariums of the DDR. The cultur and education building is open for visitors since 1974.
There was a star projector „Spacemaster – Raumflugplanetarium“ of Carl Zeiss from Jena until December 2012.
Since the beginning it was possible to present self running shows using slide projectors, audio equippment and later on video projectors, but the technique can also be used for live shows.
Besides a magnificent sky full of stars visitors can also admire animated pictures at the Planetarium. The Planetarium is often mistaken for an observatory. It is not a research facility, it is a culture facility, which can be compared to a cinema or theater, but even though it is different. The audience is sitting in the middle of the scene and in a virtual world at the same time. This virtual world is not only leading into the immensities of space, it also leads into the microcosm or phantasy worlds. Besides highbrowed popular scientific programs there are also shown stories for children or families and music shows. Lectures and intimate concerts are also part of the program.

Photo Credits: ©Planetarium Cottbus e. V.
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