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29 September 2021
Sights and activities in Cottbus

We can recommend the following sights:
Distance from hotel: 0.9 km
An architectural sculpture. A swinging monument in the middle of a room. A temple of art, surrounded by green spaces and wells. Is it Art Nouveau? Is it electicism? It is definitely genious. It is the architect: Bernhard Sehring. 
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Distance from hotel: 1.1 km
The landmark of Cottbus is the "Spremberger" tower, which was built in the 13th century. It counted to one of the defence constructions of the city besides the city wall, the portcullis, the ditches and the cages.
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Distance from hotel: 1.3 km
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Distance from hotel: 1.4 km
The former "Niederlausitzer" pharmacy museum was opened on June the 1st in 1989. The Title "Niederlausitzer" was chosen because the museum was meant to have regional meaning at first and on the other hand almost every exhibit of the pharmacies came from Niederlausitz.
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Distance from hotel: 1.4 km
The space flight planetarium „Juri Gagarin“ was one of the first bigger planetariums of the DDR. The cultur and education building is open for visitors since 1974. 
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Distance from hotel: 1.4 km
The Park Train Cottbus connects the different park areas which are situated on the outskirts of the city.  The Park Train offers a connection from the district Sandow to the zoo of Cottbus and to the "Branitzer" Park.
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Distance from hotel: 1.5 km
The "Spreeauenpark", which measures 35 ha, is part of the beautiful park area of Cottbus at the river Spree since the gardening show in 1995. Beautiful alleys with old oak trees, ditches overgrown with ivy and a big park pond of 1,2 ha invite tourists to relax.
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Distance from hotel: 1.5 km
The museum of fine arts in Cottbus, which is operated by the federal state Brandenburg, was moved into its new domicile, the former diesel power station between the "Amtsteich" and the "Spree" in May 2008. Combining old and new architecture, it is a real magnet for art lovers, architects and technique lovers.
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Distance from hotel: 1.9 km
A visit in our zoo is always a great experience for young and old: more than 1.200 animals out of 170 species are waiting for you in a picturesque park area at the Zoo Cottbus. Enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of our enormous park.
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Distance from hotel: 3.4 km
The Park "Branitz" near Cottbus is the living work and masterpiece of the eccentric landscape gardener Hermann Fürst von Pückler-Muskau (1785–1871).
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Distance from hotel: 10.9 km
The amusement park "Teichland" is unique with its varied offers and its method of building. It is situated at the west-facing slope of the "Bärenbrücker Höhe",which is a recultivated open-cast mining area, near the village "Neuendorf". » More

Distance from hotel: 15.6 km
The Spree harbor "Burg" - The origin of the "Burger" rowing-boat trips
This is the spot where the "Burger" tourism had its beginngin 100 years ago. You can reach fast the most beautiful regions of the Spreewald from the new designed harbor. The "Radduscher" rowing-boat trip or the "Hochwald" are two of the most impressive attractions.
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Distance from hotel: 17.6 km
Belgium Pralinés at the Niederlausitz - that is a reason for a trip!
There is a small show production at the workshop. Here you will get an insight into the care and passion, which is used to create the handmade Confiserie-Felicitas-Chocolate.
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Distance from hotel: 34.9 km
The  river "Neiße" runs, in the norht of Görlitz, in one of the most beautiful landscape park in Europe. Its creator Fürst von Pückler-Muskau designed an architectural masterpiece in 1815. The City Bad Muskau is surrounded, since then, by a magnificent garden art, which measures approximately 830 ha.
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Distance from hotel: 43.8 km
A giant of technique is situated at Lichterfeld: 502 meters length, 204 meters wide, 80 meters heigth and weighs 11.000 tons. It shows the history of the former "Abraumförderbrücke F60" and the present of the brown coal mining at the Lausitz. 
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