25 May 2020

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The "Spreeauenpark", which measures 35 ha, is part of the beautiful park area of Cottbus at the river Spree since the gardening show in 1995. Beautiful alleys with old oak trees, ditches overgrown with ivy and a big park pond of 1,2 ha invite tourists to relax.
Worth seeing are the pharmacist and the farmer garden, the rose garden and the rhododendron grove. The tertiary forest, a living reproduction of the primeval forest of the brown coal epoque (10 Mio. years ago) including fossil mammoth footprints, coal moors and erratic alleys, which is unique in Europe. The park presents itself as family friendly because of its different adventour playgrounds and gastronomy. Visitors can find relaxation and well-being under high trees while listening to meditative music at the "Klanggarten". There were created seven energy points on the former BUGA - ground. Every space offers its own quality, so that visitors can feel a curative effect at the place of happiness, the place of inner peace or at the place of visions.
Furthermore there are impressive open-air events for inhabitants of Cottbus and their guests from May until September.

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