25 May 2020

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State Theater Cottbus

An architectural sculpture. A swinging monument in the middle of a room. A temple of art, surrounded by green spaces and wells. Is it Art Nouveau? Is it electicism? It is definitely genious. It is the architect: Bernhard Sehring.
Sehring was one of those architects who have been asked by people for creating something special. In 1905 the alderman of Cottbus decided to built a theater on the "Viehmarkt", which they renamed into "Schillerplatz". The total amount for the construction was 800.000 German Mark. Of course the budget was not enoug and they had to invest 109.000 German Mark.  The construction work was finished with the big opening on October the 1st in 1908. Soon after the opening it was noticed that the rooms and the stages had been measured too low. Sehring obtained the commission in 1910 to create a diagonally reclining building, which he connected with a two-storey building with the theater. Cost item: 120.000 German mark. At the end the theater was built with more than 1 Million German Mark - the price for ingenuity.

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